Reading and You

    I enjoy reading, but I don’t like to read every genre of book. I like to read books that are very interesting to read like the Sports Leader series.I also like to read action-adventure books like the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series.

    I don’t really like to read biography book because they are boring in every way possible. They usually talk about famous people from the past who helped the U.S. and I am not very interested in that type of genre.

    I also like to read street signs on my way to school and on my to any other place because they are fun to read!!!

Real Madrid CF Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid HDR

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One thought on “Reading and You

  1. You and I like very similar types of books. The Percy Jackson series and the Harry Potter series are some of my favorite series! I have never thought about reading street signs, but it sounds fun.

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