Texas in the Big 12 Championship

Last Saturday, the Texas Longhorns were in the big 12 championship. They would be versing the Baylor Bears. The weather outside in Waco, where they played, was extremely cold. Some of the screens for cameras were foggy and were irreplaceable. When I watched the first half, there wasn’t much excitement. The Bears weren’t doing very well as they usually were. The Longhorns weren’t doing there best as well which mad me get worried. The final score for the first half was a tie of 3 to 3 and Case McCoy had 1 interception. That wasn’t a great half for the Longhorns. The 2nd half wasn’t any better. The bears got on a 17 to 0 run. The Longhorns were getting anxious with the score. The Bear’s defense wouldn’t let the Longhorn’s offense move a single yard. Finally in the final quarter, while Case McCoy was being chased by about 5 defenders he had thrown and amazing lob pass to the the running back, Malcolm Brown. This touchdown was too little too late. The Longhorns were in sorrow as the Bears had been unrelenting and scored 10 more points on the Longhorns. The final score was 30 to 10 Bears. This had brought Texas all the way down to 4th in the Big 12 which make me sad. Hopefully Texas will win their next game against the Oregon Ducks.


I really like to watch lanterns bright light shine in the dark night. My family goes to temples every now and then to celebrate holidays of my religion. Whenever we go to temples there are lots of different varieties of food and there are lanterns. The staff that volunteer to help around the temple, set up our lanterns with candles and let us choose our very own lantern. Sticks are put on so that we can carry the lantern around. The bright light of the sun starts to disappear into the dark night sky. The candles are lit up and light our path around the temple. It is fun to see all different kinds of animals on other peoples lanterns. I got a monkey lantern, but I saw fishes and dinosaurs and even the biggest peacock lanterns I have ever seen. Watching lanterns is fun and very entertaining to play with in the dark