Student Blogging Challenge Week 2

Yeehaw!!! Texas is such a great state. Texas is known as the lone star state because the Texas flag has only one star. Texas is an extremely fun place for everyone to visit.

One reason Texas is a fun place to live in is because of its awesome sports team. You can cheer on Texas’ football, basketball etc. teams. They are always fun to watch them win against the opposing team. Just last night, they had just beat Arizona St. in the March Madness. I think that even though Texas doesn’t always have the greatest rank, they have sportsman-like players that care about just having fun. That is why they are fun to watch if you live in Texas. Furthermore, The ” Shrine of Texas History”( Alamo Mission ) is always a fun place to go to. Texas had lost the war that had taken place here, but they had lost it in a brave way. I think the Alamo Mission is a fun place to go to because you can experience what positions the texans were I when they fought the Mexicans. These are just 2 reasons Texas is a fun place to visit. There is much more for you to explore in this amazing state.

All in all, visiting Texas is a good choice because of its huge selection of fun things to do. Imagine if you could live in Texas forever, wouldn’t it be awesome?