My multi-paragraph story

Your childhood is the best place to be in my opinion. Without your childhood, where would you get excitement and new opportunities?
Nowhere… Exactly. When you are grown up and mature, you don’t really have the time to have fun and play around like your childhood. You just work and work and work. Same routine day in and day out. In contrast, when you are in your childhood, you play around and do whatever you want with no real routine. That is why you should have lots of fun in your childhood while you can. You should maybe even make a bucket list for your childhood.

Being an adult sounds like the most boring thing to be. If no one had fun I don’t think I could live for even a minute. I can’t imagine a world where children couldn’t be able to play and have fun. Could you? The world would a gloomy, and sorrowful place. No funny jokes, and no laughing. All in all, I think living your childhood to the furthest extent is good because you may never be able to play outside again.

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