After reading the first few chapters of Beowulf, I think that this book will turn out to be a great book. I think the author had taken into great detail how the characterss in the book looked, and their personality. I think the author had also gotten the reader in a lot of suspense throughout the book. The author had used lots of great similes to describe Schlyd in the very first chapter of Beowulf. Beowulf was a strange teen to me. I would never name someone that meant “The bee-hunter.” But, I think that Beowulf is a smart kid, he didn’t bring his sword with him to fight Grendel. That must mean that he has a great plan to defeat Grendel. I question I have for then author is, why would he make such a horrible creature as Grendel? Also, what got the author inspired to write this book? If he had no inspiration, than how did the book turn out so well? I have so many questions for the author, And I hope to get some answers for them. Either if I find them in the book, or I will take an inference.