Family Poem

NEW YEARS By: Khoi Bui
New Years
We drive to the supermarket
The clock hits 12:00
People set up loud firecrackers
People set up drums
People set up colorful banners

Then the lions come out
The most colorful lions
They aren’t real,
But they are very colorful
Dancing to the drums

Then they stop dancing
The loud firecrackers are opened
Sounds so loud that my ears want to come off
Smoke comes out as everyone ducks for cover
Fun for everyone
New Years


Ever New Years, my has a special tradition that we d o every year. We will drive to the supermarket near our house and wait their until it is exactly 12:00pm. While we are waiting, we see people set up the loud firecrackers, and some drums that are getting ready for the lion dancing. Lion dancing is very popular around the Asian culture. It is said that when the lions dance, they will scare off the evil spirits. The lions are the most colorful lions you will ever see. Although the lions aren’t real, it is really fun to watch the people who dance in the lion costume. We will try to throw money into their enormous mouth. The clock hits 12:00 pm and we hear the loud crack of the firecrackers. The noise they make is incredibly loud. Everybody try’s to take cover because smoke is also coming out of the firecracker, so it can get hard to breathe. That is how I spend New Years with my family. How do you spend yours?
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After reading the first few chapters of Beowulf, I think that this book will turn out to be a great book. I think the author had taken into great detail how the characterss in the book looked, and their personality. I think the author had also gotten the reader in a lot of suspense throughout the book. The author had used lots of great similes to describe Schlyd in the very first chapter of Beowulf. Beowulf was a strange teen to me. I would never name someone that meant “The bee-hunter.” But, I think that Beowulf is a smart kid, he didn’t bring his sword with him to fight Grendel. That must mean that he has a great plan to defeat Grendel. I question I have for then author is, why would he make such a horrible creature as Grendel? Also, what got the author inspired to write this book? If he had no inspiration, than how did the book turn out so well? I have so many questions for the author, And I hope to get some answers for them. Either if I find them in the book, or I will take an inference.


Football Game vs. Hudson Bend

Last Monday, our 7th grade football teams versed the 7th grade football team of Hudson Bend. Our green team had done very well, beating Hudson Bend 18-6. Some of the players on the green team had even made interceptions! Our white team had a close game the whole time. We had scored a touchdown early in the game, but then Hudson Bend scored a touchdown, so we were neck and neck. With 1 minute left, our kicker was going to attempt to make a 27 yard field goal that was on the far left hash, which would be very hard. He kicked the ball, and he made it! Everybody was very happy. That kick had lead us to victory, with a 9-6 win.