My Very First Touchdown!!!

He trucks, he scores!!! I was at the WHS football field. The WRMS 7th grade B-team were going to verse Marble Falls. Our team went through our warm-ups before the game started. After the warm-ups, came the play polishing. Our team would go through all of our plays and polishing any last details. In the middle of my play polishing, I heard the referee calling for captains. The captains were 2-3 players from both team who came up to the middle of the field to contribute in the coin toss. Our coaches called up 3 players, me, Jon, and Grant. We had walked up to the middle of field and shook hands with the opposing captains. We had won the coin toss so we would be receiving the ball. During the 2nd quarter, the coaches let me in for a scoring drive. This would be my only chance to make a touchdown. Our team ran the play, and I had scored! My teammates cheered me on for my first touchdown. I was proud of myself of making that touchdown. I hope I will get another touchdown just like that another day.

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