Seahawks or Broncos?

Super Bowl XLVIII is coming up. Who are you routing for? The Seahawks… or the Broncos. The Seahawks had just slipped through the 49ers to get to the Super Bowl, while on the other hand the Broncos had left the Patriots in the dust. There was no competition in between those 2 teams. Even though the Patriots lost( I was routing for them that game), I still think this Super Bowl will be a great one this year. On the Seahawks they have quarterback Russel Wilson who has had a great year. On the Broncos’ side, they have Peyton Manning who has had an amazing year and is the top quarterback in the league currently. Will the Seahawks’ defense be enough to hold back the Broncos’ offense, or will the Broncos’ offense be too much for the Seahawks to handle? For this Super Bowl, I am going to be routing for the Seahawks because I don’t really like the Broncos. Who are you routing for?

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